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    Discretionary Earnings

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    Down Payment

Commercial Solar System sales & installation company, $3.68 million sales, $600,794 DE, and over $2 million backlog for 2023.  The business is pre-approved for 10% down with SBA financing for qualified buyers.

Established in 2010, the company is a turnkey solution provider for commercial, industrial, and non-profit solar systems throughout the US.  The company is known for its high-quality products and services plus its efficiency and professional standards. The company presently has a $2 million backlog for 2023 and offers highly competitive rates.  The company has maintained consistent sales with minimal marketing expenditure (presently, all business is generated via word of mouth) and therefore the business is primed for growth.

Presently, the company has one independent contractor, who performs design, permitting, and connection tasks, and the company works with one subcontractor for the installation work.


  • Offered at $1.6 million plus A/R and inventory
  • $3.68 million sales 2022
  • $600,794 Discretionary Earnings 2022
  • $166,075 Down w/SBA Financing

Buyer Skills and Requirements:

The owner is actively running this business and the buyer will have to be willing and capable of learning to run the business including sales and project management.  This is not a passive-owner business.

The owner has a C46 Solar Contractor License and will act as the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) for the buyer for up to 12 months (maximum allowed by SBA).  The buyer will have to obtain their C46 license within 12 months after closing.  The Seller will provide training for 4 weeks/40 hours per week and in addition, will provide limited consulting as negotiated after the initial training period.

Reason for Selling:

The owner is retiring for medical/health reasons.


Inquiries from principals only

Financial Summary

Summary 2020 2021 2022
Revenue $4,807,195 $3,562,369 $3,689,051
Cost of Goods Sold $3,974,990 $2,864,228 $2,867,740
Gross Margin $832,205 $698,141 $821,311
Operating Expenses $707,809 $658,930 $624,021
Net Profit $124,396 $39,211 $197,290
EBITDA $447,859 $338,860 $475,794
Owners Benefits $448,463 $424,649 $403,504
Discretionary Earnings $572,859 $463,860 $600,794