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    Down Payment

Authorized VAR (Value Added Reseller) for top electronic equipment manufacturers including HP, Microsoft, Caldera, Contex, Onyx, Dell, LG, Graphtec, and many more. The company also provides equipment to Federal agencies, CA state agencies, universities, and commercial customers.  The company does not sell consumer electronics and does not compete with retail electronic stores.  The company is focused on commercial-industrial electronic equipment for the public and private sectors and is registered with the GSA and CA state agencies.

Projected sales are $4.8 million for the fiscal year ending June 2023.  The business is pre-approved for SBA financing with 15% down.


  • Offered at $490,000
  • $4.8 million projected sales fiscal year ending June 2023
  • $158,335 projected DE fiscal year ending June 2023
  • $76,919 Down w/SBA Financing
  • 3 employees
  • No Inventory – product is drop shipped directly to customers. The company carries supplies inventory only.


  • Equipment Procurement: Sales, Leasing & Trade-in
  • Printing, Scanning, and Storage Solutions
  • Technical Services

Buyer Skills and Requirements:

The owner is actively running this business and the buyer will have to be willing and capable of learning to run the business.  The owner is the primary inside salesperson and application engineer.  While the buyer does not necessarily have to be an application engineer, they should be capable of learning how to handle sales calls from customers and the technical aspects of this business.  This is not a passive-owner business.

The Seller will provide training for 4 weeks/40 hours per week and in addition, the seller will provide limited consulting as negotiated after the initial training period.

Reason for Selling:

The owner is retiring for medical reasons after owning and operating the business for 18 years.

Inquiries from principals only

Financial Summary

Summary 2020 2021 2022
Revenue $3,158,066 $9,066,460 $4,792,834
Cost of Goods Sold $2,929,579 $8,561,619 $4,469,949
Gross Margin $221,972 $529,854 $322,885
Operating Expenses $182,525 $404,944 $201,263
Net Profit $39,447 $124,910 $121,622
Owners Benefits $57,942 $103,163 $36,713
Discretionary Earnings $97,389 $228,073 $158,335