• Discretionary Earnings


    Discretionary Earnings

Exceptional International/Domestic Shipping Services & Software Company with $20.98 million revenue and $4.15 million  EBITDA  has quickly risen to the #2 position in their industry with 119% CAGR in revenue and 157% CAGR in EBITDA.   The company’s services and software are highly competitive in both service quality and price, which has driven growth since its inception.  The company was established in 2017, launching its own software & service platform. With the owner’s extensive knowledge and 20 years of experience in the domestic and international shipping markets, creating strategic alliances he successfully built and launched a Shipping Services and Software Company that provides economically priced domestic and international shipping solutions. With excellent infrastructure, procedures, and a team of 12 employees experienced in the industry, led by the founder, the company has built a diverse customer base of over 2,500 active customers.  The founder will stay on post-sale for a transition period with a consulting agreement. 


  • $20,981,920 sales 2021
  • $4,150,874 EBITDA 2021 
  • 119% revenue CAGR
  • 157% EBITDA CAGR 
  • 12 employees 
  • Over 2,500 accounts, no single customer over 4% of sales

Financial Summary

Summary 2018 2019 2020 2021
Revenue $1,987,763 $4,690,967 $8,915,288 $20,981,920
Cost of Goods Sold $1,397,220 $3,157,090 $5,555,640 $14,032,565
Gross Margin $590,543 $1,533,877 $3,359,648 $6,949,964
Operating Expenses $489,414 $1,056,288 $1,638,643 $2,945,225
Net Profit $101,129 $477,589 $1,721,005 $4,004,739
EBITDA -$21,416 $684,412 $1,856,271 $4,150,874
Owners Benefits $27,455 $356,823 $285,266 $346,135
Discretionary Earnings $128,584 $834,412 $2,006,271 $4,350,874


  • Proprietary shipping platform & services 
  • A Platform that supports invoicing shipping labels and payments 
  • Customers can set up a MarketPlace online store to ship directly to customers
  • Customers can set up Vendor shipping on their account 
  • NOT a general shipping solution – this is a highly specialized service 


  • 12 employees (including owner-founder) 
  • CFO 
  • Operations Manager (responsible for day-to-day operations) 
  • 4 Sales Reps 
  • 6 Customer Service Reps
  • Software Development is outsourced

Buyer Skills and Requirements: 

The owner is actively running this business, primarily leading the sales team.  While the buyer does not have to have direct industry experience, the owner must eventually be replaced with an experienced senior sales manager with B2B sales experience and capable of being the General Manager or President.  

Reason for Selling: 

The owner is retiring after 20 years in the industry and will stay on for a transition period with a consulting agreement.   

Inquiries from principals only