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Highly Successful Painting, Waterproofing and Carpentry Contractor for commercial, industrial, HOA, apartments, and property management clients with an exceptional reputation is available.  Founded in 1974, $6.9 million sales, $1.24M discretionary earnings (DE).

The company provides services for painting, waterproofing, and carpentry for projects across a wide variety of industries including tech, education, municipal, military, high rises, and multi-family housing.  The company is recognized in the Bay Area for its superior work and responsive customer service.

The owner/seller has built a company with excellent infrastructure and procedures with a team of 60+ employees consisting of its foreman, superintendents, painters, carpenters, and administrative.  Its reputation for delivering excellent quality and timely project completion with its experienced professional team has ensured consistent revenue plus opportunity for further growth.

The company has a Bay Area corporate office and a warehouse available for lease.


  • Offered at $3.5 million
  • $6.9 million sales 2022 (projected); $6.6 million sales in 2021
  • $1.24 DE 2022 (projected); $917k DE in 2021
  • $434k Down w/SBA Financing
  • $620k of high-quality equipment and vehicles

Buyer Skills and Requirements:

The business has contractor’s licenses for painting (C-33), general construction (B-1), and roofing (C-39). The SBA requires the Buyer to personally have or obtain the contractor’s license(s) prior to the close of escrow.  The Buyer can use a third party to act as the RME or RMO if they are a guarantor on the SBA loan.  The seller will act as the RMO for up to 12 months if there is no SBA Loan being used to acquire the business.

The seller will provide training for 4 weeks/30 hours per week, and limited consulting as negotiated after the initial training period.

Reason for Selling:

The owner is retiring/moving out of state

Inquiries from principals only

Financial Summary

Summary 2019 2020 2021 2022
Revenue $6,131,643 $5,243,625 $6,583,975 $6,868,875
Cost of Goods Sold $2,962,225 $2,900,166 $4,164,067 $3,741,463
Gross Margin $3,169,418 $2,343,459 $2,419,908 $4,315,367
Operating Expenses $2,920,730 $2,425,162 $2,484,550 $2,760,963
Net Profit $310,860 $18,617 -$61,802 $366,448
EBITDA $1,549,990 $775,702 $767,331 $1,094,834
Owners Benefits $1,389,130 $907,085 $979,133 $878,386
Discretionary Earnings $1,699,990 $925,702 $917,331 $1,244,834