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    Discretionary Earnings

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    SBA Financing

Exceptional plumbing service company with $4.6 million sales, 21% CAGR, $1.4 million Discretionary Earnings, and $1.3 million EBITDA is offered for acquisition with SBA financing.  The business is pre-approved for 10% down with 5.25% SBA financing for qualified buyers.   

The company’s primary focus is commercial plumbing services, services for residential clients are just 10% of the company’s annual revenue.  

The company has had steady growth and the owner-seller has built a company with excellent infrastructure, procedures, and a team including professional managers, and well-trained technicians. 

The owner’s attention to detail, expectations of professionalism, and quality workmanship has created a culture where all employees understand the importance of professionalism in both daily practice and appearance, and quality workmanship is always expected.   


  • Offered at $4.3 million
  • $4.7 million projected sales 2021
  • $1.6 million Discretionary Earnings
  • $1.4 million 2021 Projected EBITDA
  • $495,380 Down w/SBA Financing
  • Well trained staff of technicians  
  • Excellent fleet of well-equipped trucks

Buyer Skills and Requirements: 

The owner is actively running this business and the buyer will have to be willing and capable of learning to run the business.  While the buyer does not necessarily have to be a trained plumber, they must be willing and capable of learning the technical aspects of this business.  This is not a passive owner business.   

The owner has a C36 Plumbing Contractor License and will act as the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) for the buyer for up to 12 months (maximum allowed by SBA).  The buyer will have to obtain their C36 license.  The Seller will provide training for 4 weeks/40 hours per week and in addition, will provide limited consulting as negotiated after the initial training period.   

Reason for Selling: 

The owner has spent the last 35 years in this business and is seeking the best opportunity for a new buyer to build upon what has been created while empowering the team to excel in their professional careers.   

Financial Summary

Summary 2019 2020 2021
Revenue $3,017,162 $3,596,323 $4,758,896
Cost of Goods Sold $1,503,368 $1,877,628 $2,335,000
Gross Margin $1,513,794 $1,718,695 $2,423,895
Operating Expenses $1,160,552 $1,259,122 $1,196,084
Net Profit $353,242 $459,573 $1,227,812
Owners Benefits $266,621 $563,108 $378,053
Discretionary Earnings $619,863 $1,022,681 $1,605,864