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    SBA Financing

One of Southern California’s top Electrical Contractors is for sale after nearly 30 years of leadership under the founder-owner. The company is one of Southern California’s largest electrical contractors with long-term relationships and contracts with top national home builders developing large new home tracts throughout Southern California. The company has an excellent reputation for quality work, on-time project completion, and competitive costs.

Financial Summary

Summary 2017 2016 2015
Revenue 16322735 15690311 13989349
Cost of Goods Sold 15004661 14438029 12842952
Gross Margin 1318074 1252282 1146397
Operating Expenses 546765 748421 889587
Net Profit 771309 503861 256810
EBITDA 936896 703614 390361
Owners Benefits 245587 279753 213551
Discretionary Earnings 1016896 783614 470361
  • $16.3 million sales
  • Long term contracts with Major National Home Builders throughout Southern California
  • Excellent reputation for quality work, on-time project completion, and competitive costs
  • 160 employees (nonunion shop)
  • Many key staff with company for 10 to 20 years

Opportunities for expansion:
There are significant opportunities for expansion into outlying areas in Southern California and Northern California by bidding on contracts with existing customers in the outlying areas. Presently the company only does new home construction and does not do any commercial electrical construction nor does the company offer any electrical repair services or residential services. The company focuses on a specific geographic area in Southern California.

Training & Consulting
Seller is offering 6 weeks of training included in purchase price and is willing to work as a consultant after the training period is over. Seller will train Buyer and/or new management in his duties during training and consulting periods.

Contractors License
Requires a C10 Contractor License, Seller is willing to act as RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) for Buyer until they can obtain their Contractor License or assist Buyer in hiring a permanent RMO/RME.

Transaction Structure & Financing
Due to the long term contracts with home builders this transaction must be a Stock Sale in order to preserve the contracts and to retain the company’s contractor’s license which is listed on all current contracts and quoted projects.
There is no Seller Note offered. The business may qualify for SBA financing. The down payment with SBA financing would be approximately $1 million with excellent Buyer credit ratings and collateral.

For More Information
To receive the Confidential Business Profile for this business please click on the inquire about this business button to receive the Confidentiality Agreement and Buyer Profile. All prospective buyers will be required to provide a Personal Financial Statement, Private Equity Funds can provide information on their company, past transactions and portfolio.