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This is a business you would love owning! The company is a marketing agency serving well known major brands with a staff of eight talented employees responsible for design, account management, logistics, and project management. Major Brands pay retainers and SaaS Software continues to provide consistent revenue.

The company creates and delivers brand experiences for events from concept to fabrication and event management. The company has been established for 14 years and still has many of its original clients. The business is prequalified for SBA financing for qualified buyers and a seller note is offered in conjunction with the SBA loan. The books and records are excellent. Offered at $750,000, DE on track for $277,460 in 2020.

The company’s services include creating the brand experience for the event, design and fabrication of event booths, merchandise stores, bars, and VIP areas, event management & staffing, and logistics. The company has developed a SaaS platform for their clients to manage ticket distribution, cost tracking, and event analytics. The SaaS platform is a subscription service with recurring revenue from the clients as they use the software for many events.

The company has had exceptional customer retention because they deliver exceptional event marketing campaigns that consistently exceed their customers expectations. The company’s clients are major consumer brands that use experiential marketing at events such as concerts, festivals, races, and private VIP events.

Although Covid-19 impacted the company’s revenue in 2020 the company is poised to rapidly return to its pre COVID sales and 2021 projectioned sales are a conservative $1.9 million. This has created an exceptional business investment opportunity for the right buyer. Through the company’s SaaS platform and ongoing retainer agreements the company continues to be profitable and is poised to gain substantial revenue and earnings once events and venues reopen.

Financial Summary

Summary 2020 2019 2018 2017
Revenue 1601554 4549115 4036481 3626449
Cost of Goods Sold - - - -
Gross Margin 1601554 4549115 4036481 3626449
Operating Expenses 1557684 4518063 3969119 3421778
Net Profit 43870 31052 67362 204671
Owners Benefits 233590 472324 386639 399850
Discretionary Earnings 277460 503376 454001 604521

* $1.6 million sales (projected 2020)
* $277,460 Discretionary Earnings projected 2020
* Offered at $750,000
* SBA financing available with a Seller note for qualified buyers
* $124,200 down payment with SBA financing
* $181,229 net after debt service with SBA Financing based on 2020 projected DE

The seller owns a technology company poised for significant growth and cannot run both companies. The Seller will train for four weeks after the close of escrow and will consider consulting part time after the initial training.

Buyer Qualifications:
The Buyer should have marketing experience but need not be a graphic designer, the staff does all design work. The buyer will be responsible for sales, quotes, project management and maintaining key customer relationships.

This business requires a minimum of $124,200 cash down payment with SBA financing plus working capital and closing costs. The buyer must qualify for SBA financing which typically requires a credit score of 700+.

Inquiries from Principals Only