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    SBA Financing

Established 15 years drywall contractor specializing in commercial, industrial, retail, and gov TI projects in LA & Orange County, with a 15-year history of profitability, is now available for acquisition. This successful drywall company generated $3.2 million in sales and $515,839 of discretionary earnings in 2023. It is currently listed for purchase at $1,300,000 plus A/R. Qualified buyers can take advantage of pre-approved SBA financing, requiring just a 10% down payment and 10-year fixed rate financing at below prime rate!

The company specializes in commercial TI’s such as offices, industrial buildings, high-end mall retail stores, schools, and gov offices and is known for its quality work and competitive pricing. The company does not do any residential projects or new home construction projects.

There are substantial opportunities for growth as the company does not have a website, sales staff, or any marketing campaign.  The company relies solely on existing and past General Contractor clients, and referrals.


  •  Offered at $1,300.000 plus A/R
  •  $3.2 million sales 2023
  •  $515.839 Discretionary Earnings 2023
  •  $183,364 Down w/SBA Financing
  •  15 W2 Drywall tradesmen

Typical Projects:

  • Commercial & Industrial Tenant Improvements
  • High-end mall retail stores
  • Office Tenant Improvements
  • Schools
  • Government offices

Buyer Skills and Requirements:

The owner is actively running this business and the buyer will have to be willing and capable of learning to run the business.  The seller’s responsibilities include estimating, bids & quotes, project management & scheduling, and general daily operations,

The business requires a California C-9 Drywall Contractor license.  The Seller will RMO for one year and the buyer will have to obtain their C-9 Drywall contractor license within 12 months after closing.  The Seller will provide training for 4 weeks/40 hours per week and in addition, will provide limited consulting as negotiated after the initial training period.

The buyer must be willing and capable of learning the technical aspects of this business.  This is not a passive owner business.

Reason for Selling:

The owner is retiring after over 30 years in the industry.

Inquiries from principals only

Financial Summary

Summary 2021 2022 2023
Revenue $1,488,565 $2,276,546 $3,198,544
Cost of Goods Sold $317,251 $559,327 $562,167
Gross Margin $1,181,335 $1,718,673 $2,642,604
Operating Expenses $1,096,761 $1,825,177 $1,900,125
Net Profit $84,574 -$106,504 $742,479
EBITDA $243,282 $390,839
Owners Benefits $96,879 $474,786 -$226,640
Discretionary Earnings $181,453 $368,282 $515,839