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Highly successful Renovation Contractor established in 2008 specializing in renovation and remodeling projects for real estate investment companies and professional property managers with Gross Sales of $2.8 million, Discretionary Earnings of $400,480, Down Payment $97,191 (SBA qualified) The company has a proven record of excellence in designing and managing projects throughout California. The business generates a steady stream of projects from real estate investors, private clientele plus commercial projects and does not offer remodelling services to homeowners.  The clients have large real estate portfolios and are continuously buying and selling real estate under all market conditions.

The company specializes in complete renovations of homes in poor condition and transforms these homes into highly desirable and marketable properties.  Known for their professionalism and high standards for quality work, renovations often include a complete interior renovation plus, exterior improvements, painting, plus new landscaping.  The company transforms run down properties with outdated designs and interiors into modern homes commanding excellent rents and market values.

Financial Summary

Summary 2019 2018 2017 2016
Revenue $2,800,000 $2,367,809 $2,519,654 $2,688474
Cost of Goods Sold $2,184,980 $1,980,598 $2,002,464 $2,157,848
Gross Margin $615,020 $387,211 $517,190 $530,626
Operating Expenses $299,056 $316,690 $334,556 $342,738
Net Profit $315,964 $70,521 $182,634 $187,888
Owners Benefits $84,876 $142,308 $136,522 $121,187
Discretionary Earnings $400,840 $212,829 $319,156 $309,075


* $2.8 million Gross Sales

* $400,840 Discretionary Earnings

* Asking $625,000

* Down Payment $97,191 (SBA qualified)

* 6 trucks plus 2 Prius’

* 2 trailers, one dump trailer and one roll off trailer with 5 bins

* 8 employees, 1 Superintendent, 2 Foremen, 5 construction staff  

Staff & Owner Roles

The Superintendent is responsible for managing the projects and crews.  The company also has 2 crew Foreman leading the construction crews. The Seller is involved in bidding and overseeing the projects, schedules and purchasing materials.  

Requires a General Contractor’s license.  Seller wants to pursue another business venture and will RMO for up to one year while Buyer obtains their Contractor’s License.   Seller will train the Buyer in the bidding and quoting process during the training period and will be available for limited consulting after the training period.