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    SBA Financing

IT security audit company that also sells customizable security policies for a variety of industries.  $319k sales and $195k Discretionary Earnings is offered for acquisition with SBA financing.  The business is pre-approved for 10% down at 6% SBA financing for qualified buyers.

The company provides a wide range of security audit, security consulting, risk management, and asset protection services.  With CISA Certification, the company performs certified audits and assessments across a wide range of industries for companies of all sizes as well as for governmental entities.  The company also offers customizable security templates for purchase by its clients as a one-time purchase or on a subscription basis.

The company has had steady sales and the owner-seller has built a company with excellent infrastructure and procedures.  The owner’s attention to detail, efficiency, development of policies and procedures, and quality workmanship has created a reputation amongst the clients where the company’s high-caliber deliverables are expected.


  • Offered at $360,000
  • $319,000 in sales
  • $195,000 Discretionary Earnings
  • $54,000 Down w/SBA Financing
  •  Work From Home Office


  • Network Security Audits
  • Web Application Security Audits
  • Administrative Safeguards and Risk Management Audits
  • Privacy Audits
  • Customizable Security Templates

Buyer Skills and Requirements:

The owner is actively running this business and the buyer will have to be capable of and willing to obtain CISA certification to perform certified audits.  A background in cybersecurity is required.

The owner is CISA certified and will keep his license with the business for 3 months while the Buyer obtains their certification, if necessary.  The Seller will provide training for 6 weeks.

Reason for Selling: Retirement

Inquiries from principals only

Financial Summary

Summary 2019 2020 2021
Revenue $363,539 $363,987 $318,952
Cost of Goods Sold $10,240 $12,913 $4,821
Gross Margin $353,299 $351,074 $314,131
Operating Expenses $118,014 $115,974 $139,252
Net Profit $235,285 $235,100 $174,879
Owners Benefits $78,347 $75,887 $20,534
Discretionary Earnings $313,632 $310,987 $195,413