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This is a business that you would love to own!  The company is a full-service marketing agency with a creative design staff of seven talented employees.  The company has been established for over 25 years and still has many of its original customers.  The business is prequalified for SBA financing for qualified buyers and a seller note is offered in conjunction with the SBA loan.  The books and records are excellent. DE is on track for $238,989 in 2020.

The company has had exceptional customer retention because they deliver exciting marketing campaigns and designs plus excellent branding solutions that consistently exceed their customer’s expectations.  The company’s clients range from major action sports brands to local manufacturing companies, travel, and retail brands. Recently added large-scale technology company will add additional revenue in 2021 in addition to established clients.

The company provides exceptional website development, graphic design, social media campaigns, product/packaging design, and film/video production for action sports companies, manufacturing companies, travel brands, and retail brands.  

Financial Summary

Summary 2020 2019 2018 2017
Revenue 700000 717863 831598 1063060
Cost of Goods Sold 140000 144412 271488 410115
Gross Margin 715200 573451 560110 652945
Operating Expenses 560000 520013 497433 564444
Net Profit 95588 53438 62677 88501
Owners Benefits 143401 154566 148650 148870
Discretionary Earnings 238989 208004 211327 237371


* $700,000 sales (projected 2020)

* $717,863 sales (2019 tax return)

* $238,989 Discretionary Earnings projected 2020

* $208,004 Discretionary Earnings based on 2019 tax returns

* SBA financing available with a Seller note for qualified buyers 

* $100,456 down payment with SBA financing 

* $156,396 net after debt service with SBA Financing based on 2020 projected DE

* $126,110 net after debt service with SBA Financing based on 2019 DE

The company has a broad customer base with no customers representing more than 15% of annual sales.  The majority of customers are long-term repeat customers who also act as referral sources. 

The Seller is retiring after owning and operating the business for over 25 years.  The Seller will train for four weeks after the close of escrow and will consider consulting after the initial training.  

 Buyer Qualifications:

The Buyer should have marketing experience but need not be a graphic designer or website designer, the staff does all design work.  The buyer will be responsible for sales, quotes, project management, and maintaining key customer relationships.  

This business requires a minimum of $100,456 cash down payment with SBA financing plus working capital and closing costs.  The buyer must qualify for SBA financing which typically requires a credit score of 700+.  


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