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Orange County based residential plumbing company providing water heater warranty services for both manufacturers and home warranty providers plus residential plumbing services is available for acquisition. Revenues & profits have remained steady throughout the COIVD19 Stay at Home orders as this is an essential business.  2019 tax return $1,077,790 Revenue, $356,371 DE and on track in 2020 for $1,100,050 Revenue, $370,371 DE Asking $959,000.   Established in 2005 the plumbing contractor has 3 well trained service technicians plus a service manager and office administrator.

Financial Summary

Summary 2020 2019 2018 2017
Revenue 1108050 1077790 1054710 884414
Cost of Goods Sold 238284 233635 258348 220773
Gross Margin 869766 845995 796362 663641
Operating Expenses 788349 829265 787440 575638
Net Profit 81417 16730 8922 91634
Owners Benefits 289334 339641 316960 187354
Discretionary Earnings 370751 356371 325882 278988


  • $1,077,790 sales 2019 tax return 
  • $356,371 Discretionary Earnings based on 2019 tax returns
  • 3 well trained service techs, Service Manager, and Office Admin 
  • Offered at $959,000 
  • SBA financing available for qualified buyers 
  • $100,652 down payment with SBA financing 
  • $235,687 net after debt service with SBA Financing

The company’s primary business is water heater warranty services for major manufacturers and home warranty providers.  The company also offers water softener sales & installation, water filtration systems, and general residential plumbing services.  The company services the greater Orange County area with 3 full time technicians and one Service Manager.  

At the present time the plumbing company has no advertising and relies on warranty work, yelp, and word of mouth.


  • Water heater warranty service for major manufacturers 
  • Water heater warranty services for major national home warranty providers 
  • Water heater installation for major hardware chain 
  • Water Softener sales and installation
  • Water filtration systems
  • General residential plumbing services


  • 5 service trucks, 2019 to 2016 models 
  • Snakes, power cleaners, & plumbing tools
  • Trucks stocked with inventory 
  • Office equipment, computers, printers etc

Buyer Qualifications

This business requires a minimum of $100,652 cash down payment with SBA financing plus working capital and closing costs.  The buyer must qualify for SBA financing which typically requires a credit score of 700+.  The business requires a C36 plumbing contractor license.  The Seller will act as the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) for up to one year while the Buyer obtains their C36 license.