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An Orange County bakery that has been serving the community for over 30 years is available for acquisition. With multiple locations and a strong reputation, this bakery has established itself as a go-to destination for custom cakes and delightful treats. The business has a solid financial track record, with over $1.4 million in revenue and Discretionary Earnings of $372,641 the bakery is offered at $825,000.

The bakery specializes in creating custom cakes for various occasions, including weddings, parties, corporate events, and holidays. With convenient delivery services available throughout Orange County, LA County, and San Diego County, customers can enjoy these delectable creations at their desired locations. Additionally, the bakery offers cake and cookie decorating parties-events, providing a unique and interactive experience for customers. For walk-in customers, a wide variety of over-the-counter cakes, cookies, cake pops, and desserts are available.

One of the key strengths of this bakery is its experienced and talented team of bakers and decorators, supported by a well-trained retail staff for smooth operations. The dedicated staff of 10 employees, including 2 bakers, 2 specialists in chocolates, cupcakes, cake pops, and icers, 3 decorators, and an admin-in-store sales representative, ensures consistent quality and customer satisfaction. The decorators and other staff members also actively engage in in-store sales to maximize revenue.


  • Multiple well-established locations across Orange County
  • Offered at $825,000
  • Sales of $1,494,938
  • Discretionary Earnings of $372,641
  • Delivery van included in the purchase.

This business offers a simple and streamlined operation, thanks to the experienced bakers and decorators who expertly create bakery items, wedding cakes, and birthday cakes. The retail staff actively contributes to in-store sales, while the owner primarily oversees the overall operations. With its solid foundation and potential for growth, this bakery presents an excellent opportunity for expansion and future success.

Buyer Skills and Requirements:

The current owner is actively involved in running the business, and the ideal buyer should possess a willingness and ability to learn the daily operations. While prior baking experience is not a strict requirement, a commitment to understanding the intricacies of the business is essential. This is a hands-on venture that requires active participation from the owner.

Reason for Selling:

The owner has decided to retire and relocate out of state, providing an opportunity for a new owner to take the reins of this thriving bakery.

Interested parties are invited to inquire.
Please note that we are only accepting inquiries from principals.

Financial Summary

Summary 2020 2021 2022
Revenue $1,227,981 $1,311,316 $1,494,938
Cost of Goods Sold $167,605 $206,380 $224,322
Gross Margin $1,060,440 $1,104,936 $1,270,616
Operating Expenses $1,034,496 $1,122,327 $1,206,618
Net Profit $25,944 -$17,391 $63,998
Owners Benefits $230,479 $347,638 $308,644
Discretionary Earnings $256,423 $330,247 $372,641