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An Exceptional Insurtech firm, with $32 million in revenue and $6.0 million in EBITDA, has rapidly ascended to the #2 position within its industry. This remarkable achievement has been fueled by the company’s continuous growth since its establishment in 2017, a testament to its highly competitive services and software that excel both in terms of quality and pricing. Right from the outset, the company introduced its own cutting-edge Insurtech software and service platform.

The company has a customer base of more than 6,400 customers, with an additional 1,135 customers acquired in 2023. These customers are recurring customers, and no single customer constitutes more than 2% of the total annual sales. Notably, all customers are either B2B or B2C customers; there are no retail customers.

Backed by a well-built infrastructure, well-defined procedures, and a seasoned team of 15 industry professionals, all under the guidance of the founder, the company has successfully cultivated a diverse active customer base and continuously adds to that base.

The founder will continue to be involved during a post-sale transition phase and maintain an advisory position through a consulting arrangement.


  • $28 million revenue 2022
  • $32 million revenue TTM 08/15/2023
  • $3.9 million EBITDA 2022
  • $6.0 million EBITDA TTM 08/15/2023
  • Over 6,400 accounts, no single customer over 2% of sales


  • Proprietary insurance and shipping platform
  • Platform supports invoicing, shipping labels, returns, and payments
  • Customers can set up Vendor shipping on their account
  • NOT a general shipping solution – this is a highly specialized service providing insurance for high-value goods.


  • 15 employees (including owner-founder)
  • CFO
  • Operations Manager (responsible for day-to-day operations)
  • Director of Operations
  • Business Development Manager
  • 3 Sales Reps
  • 5 Customer Service Reps
  • Software Development is outsourced


The company has a Business Development Manager, a Director of Operations, and a sales, and customer service team of 8, and is in the process of hiring a COO to lead overall operations and sales.  The founder’s role is general management.

The owner is retiring after over 20 years in the industry and will stay on for a transition period and is willing to remain involved in an advisory (non-operational) role.

Financial Summary

Summary 2020 2021 2022 TTM 8-2023
Revenue $8,915,288 $20,981,920 $28,048,556 $32,135,833
Cost of Goods Sold $5,555,640 $14,032,565 $20,702,108 $22,523,283
Gross Margin $3,359,648 $6,949,964 $7,347,156 $9,614,895
Operating Expenses $1,635,149 $2,945,225 $4,172,566 $3,979,606
Net Profit $1,724,499 $4,004,739 $3,174,590 $5,635,289
EBITDA $1,901,377 $4,307,673 $3,887,421 $6,013,474
Owners Benefits $376,878 $502,934 $912,831 $578,185
Discretionary Earnings $2,101,377 $4,507,673 $4,087,421 $6,213,474