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At Pacific Business Sales, each technology business broker in our team has extensive and proven experience selling businesses in the technology industry at maximum value. We handle all types of technology businesses including software development companies, SaaS businesses, e-commerce, medical labs, aerospace & military manufacturing companies, and more. Whether you need a SaaS business broker, software business broker, or technology business broker in Orange County, each Pacific Business Sales technology business broker is fully equipped to sell your company at the best value and terms.

Maximizing Value For Your Tech Business

Tech businesses have historically had high demand, and the migration of talent from corporate jobs has created a large pool of experienced and talented tech talent looking for a business to own.

Due to the increase in demand for tech companies in Orange County, selling your tech company now will put you at a financial advantage. As a tech business broker, our team at Pacific Business is proficient and experienced in dealing with tech companies and market trends. We have a large pool of buyers, and we know how to calculate and maximize your business value. Our team evaluates the financial performance and market position of your tech business to determine the maximum value of your business.

The following are a few strategies we employ to maximize your business value:

Discretionary Earnings and EBITDA are the major drivers of business value. A consistent history of growth in revenue and earnings increases business value. Likewise, a company with relatively flat revenue and earnings will do well on the market because while it is not growing, it does demonstrate stability. Consistent revenue and earnings are also important to SBA and other lenders when considering financing for the acquisition of a business.
A diverse customer/client base for your products and services reduces risk for prospective buyer and ensures the business will not incur losses if a single (major) customer/client pulls out. Buyers prefer a company with no customers/clients that accounts for more than 10% to 20% of the products/service consumption. With that said, we have successfully sold businesses with high customer concentratoins by demonstrating their products and services are in a unique niche.
Another major factor of your business’ valuation is your management’s value. A high-value company typically has good infrastructure and a solid team. Transition from the seller to the new owner is always a concern and a solid team underneath the owner is an important factor in reducing this risk for the buyer. Your management team and staff has to show independence in that they have the skills and ability to drive the business forward even after you leave. This indicates that the company’s value is not entirely dependent on you as the owner.
After an offer has been accepted there will be a thorough due diligence review of the company’s financials and other records. You need to have accurate and detailed financial statements, tax returns, and other financial information ready for review. The buyer will thoroughly evaluate your tech business’s financial records and details. The accuracy and quality of your tech business financial records and information will significantly impact maximizing your company’s value.

When selling your business, you need to have next-level plans stipulated. Buyers are captured by the future opportunities for your tech business and how your business is positioned to take advantage of these opportunites. A realistic plan for the future illustrates your business’s potential for ongoing profitability and growth. Technology is all about elevating and adapting to higher levels and models. Our tech business broker team in Orange County will help your business set up a growth plan in no time.

At Pacific Business Sales, we emphasize the above key points to help maximize the value of your business. We have been in the business brokerage industry for over 20 years, and we have noted some of the most common mistakes business owners make when selling their business. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Waiting too long to sell or failing to plan- Several factors contribute to how long a business sells. While there are external factors that are beyond the seller’s control, there are proven measures that speed up the process of selling your business. Therefore, you should plan to ensure smooth running when you finally get a serious buyer.
  • Broker choice- The technology business broker you choose is a determinant of how fast you will finish the transaction, who the buyer will be, and the maximum value you will get for your company. If you are in Orange County and looking to sell your tech business, we are the best technology business brokers you can get.
  • Overpricing or underpricing your business- Underpricing your company will cast doubt on potential buyers’ minds regarding your company’s growth potential, while overpricing will drive away potential buyers due to the outrageous price. Our dedicated technology business brokers team ensures you set the maximum yet reasonable price for your business.
  • Selling to the wrong buyer – While many potential buyers will show interest, only a selected few are financially capable of doing so. Arranging meetings with buyers whose abilities have been thoroughly cross-checked will save you valuable time.


If you have a tech business in Orange county, we can help you avoid the mentioned mistakes and maximize profits.

At Pacific Business Sales, we offer a free market value analysis. We use professional valuation software utilizing the same methodologies used SBA Valuation Analysts use to determine an accurate business valuation. Since we use sales data directly from the SBA closed transaction database, you can feel secure financing will be approved at our recommended price. Our dedicated financial team will calculate the exact value of your business and help you decide if it is time to sell. Reach out to our offices in Orange County for more information.

Manufacturing Business Industries We’ve Sold

Why Pacific Business Sales?

At Pacific Business Sales, we guarantee you a set of methodical procedures and guarantees as we embark on selling your company. They include:
Confidentiality when selling a business is critical and helps reduce uncertainty, maximizing the ultimate selling price as a result. Our advertisements are general and do not give out indicative information on which tech companies are for sale. We evaluate buyers’ seriousness by assessing their profile, financial position, experience, and credit score. We also incorporate a confidentiality agreement (NDA) before releasing confidential information to potential buyers. We value your privacy and only share additional information about you and your company after a series of vetting assessments, confirming their intent and capability.

This part of the selling process involves comprehensive market research and advertising your business to vetted buyers. With Pacific Business Sales, we embark on a marketing procedure to ensure that buyers understand the products/services offered, the value of products, usage of products, and any other information about your products/services/compan.

Our team of marketing experts applies the seven Ps of marketing which includes the following:

  • Product- The product/service is the main element in any marketing strategy. At Pacific Business Sales, we ensure to highlight your technology company’s winning points to provide the best price.
  • Price- We make sure to include the cost of the products/services offered by your technology company in our marketing strategy.
  • Promotion- We engage in promotional activities using the products/services offered by your company.
  • Place- We make sure to root where and how your customers sell your product/service.
  • People- We involve sales and marketing professionals who are experts in the particular tech that your technology business deals in.
  • Process- We ensure that you portray a smooth, reliable, and efficient delivery of your services/products to your clients.
  • Physical evidence- This is the existence of your company which includes a physical store, office, or website with client feedback on your products and services.


At Pacific Business Sales, we incorporate marketing in the selling process to attract more buyers and higher value. We are excellent in marketing all tech businesses making us your preferred SaaS business broker and software business broker in Orange county.

Our email database has over 3,000 buyers interested in the technology industry. We send email blasts to our database and the BizBuySell buyer database to source potential buyers. Our vast connection and database make us your most preferred technology business broker in Orange County.
Our diligent business sales team in Orange County prepares a comprehensive, confidential information memorandum (CIM) for your tech business. When you decide to sell your business, our team derives information about the company, the staff list (which they redact in the CIM), financial statements, SBA approval letter, SBA financial structure, financial statements, and a summary of your products and services. The buyer only receives this information after signing the NDA and being approved as a potential and able buyer.
After sourcing able and qualified buyers, we schedule the first meeting with them. We will gauge their ability, interests, and how serious they are about buying your company in the initial meeting. After this first meeting, we will arrange for a second meeting with the attendance of all involved parties – the seller, the buyer, and us. The purpose is to discuss the finer details of your business as the buyer makes more inquiries.
Our firm has experience in both Assets Sales and Stock Sales in Orange County. We have been in the technology business brokerage industry in Orange County for over 20 years. Our purchase agreements are prepared on the CABB (California Association of Business Brokers) Asset Purchase Agreement of Stock Purchase Agreement. Our dedicated team prepares the offer and sends it for signature via DocuSign. When the offer has been signed, we review it with you, expound the details and draw up a counteroffer if necessary.
After you and the buyer agree on the offer, it is time to review the facts and details of your tech business in Orange County. The buyer and their CPA review all the records, including; the bank statements, your company’s tax returns, P&Ls, etc., to confirm the revenue and earnings are accurate. It is a rigid process, and our proficient team of accountants supervises and assists in the process. After Due Diligence is complete and the contingency is removed, escrow is opened.
Our responsibility and obligation is to screen buyers and check for their qualifications. Over the years, we have learned that buyers without experience in the tech industry may offer but will not close the transaction. For technology businesses, we look for buyers with expertise in technology products or services similar/related to your business, engineering, or related technical backgrounds in Orange County. We also insist on the financial qualifications and the technical skills to run the business. Ensuring that the buyer can run the business and close the sell-buy transaction is vital. Our business brokers software also helps with this.
Almost all our transactions at Pacific Business Sales use SBA financing, including SBA financing for all types and sizes of tech companies. Selling your tech business involves many examinations, including the business location, competition, prospective owner experience, potential impact of modifying the products/services, industry trends, etc. These transactions also tend to involve the transfer of many intangible assets to the buyer, causing uncertainty. SBA’s government guaranty comes in at this point to mitigate the risk and make the loan more viable. The bank provides a long-term loan at reasonable rates and fees with SBA financing, and the SBA guarantees it.
Our diligent financial team performs a comprehensive market value analysis of your business using our business brokers software. Our database at Pacific Business Sales has excellent equivalent sales data for all types of manufacturing businesses sales directly from the SBA closed transaction database. We guarantee you that SBA financing will be approved at the value we recommend.

From Owner To Owner, We Understand How To Sell Your Technology Company

With experts such as Bill Grunau, an esteemed broker and President at Pacific Business Sales founder, you should expect nothing but the best brokerage service. Bill has over 20 years of experience in the high tech & aerospace industries, including engineering senior executive roles of VP and CEO at both public and privately held companies. Pacific Business Sales is your best option for tech business Sales in Orange County.
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