Let Pacific Business Sales Sell your E-commerce Business

With over 20 years of e-commerce and business broker experience, Pacific Business Sales, the leading Orange County e-commerce business brokers, has been selling e-commerce businesses in Orange County, California.  We understand the intricacies of succeeding in selling e-commerce businesses.

Your e-commerce business brokers Orange County should understand your business well, speak your language, and know how to structure offers and dealings for Orange County e-commerce businesses, in addition to knowing how to acquire SBA financing.  Our company, the leading Orange County e-commerce business brokers utilizes SBA financing with over 90 percent of our transactions, meaning more cash for our seller at closing.

Besides selling your business for top dollar, ecommerce business brokers at Pacific Business Sales closely collaborate with tax strategy Financial Advisors and CPAs with vast tax strategies to defer or minimize taxes on the sale of your ecommerce business.  

Most business owners worry about employee job security and maintaining the company culture.  Professional  business brokers work closely with you to ensure the continued success of your business and help you choose a suitable buyer for your business.  As Orange County e-commerce business brokers, we help business owners in Orange County sell their businesses for the best possible price to an entity that will maintain their legacy and continue to pursue company values and objectives.

Using our extensive ecommerce business broker experience and knowledge in acquiring SBA financing, our ecommerce business brokers can provide more cash at closing.  Our team of business brokers and tax advisors also help reduce tax liabilities out of the sale.  As Orange County e-commerce business brokers, we have vast experience selling e-commerce companies in Orange County, which gives us unrivalled market knowledge for business valuations and e-commerce businesses.  Therefore, as expert business brokers, we can sell any business irrespective of its niche.

Usually, a business is valued through a multiple of its earnings.  The correct multiple and correct earnings are two crucial factors that determine an accurate value.  Earnings determine and drive business value and are a standard business valuation methodology to establish business value.

FREE Market Value Analysis

Pacific Business Sales and business brokers offers your business a free, all-inclusive Market Value Analysis.  We utilize a similar methodology and professional valuation software used by SBA Valuation Analysts.  Our database of sold transactions has extensive sales data for each eCommerce business sale directly from an SBA closed transaction database.  Through our company’s Market Value Analysis, trust that your SBA financing will obtain approval at a value recommended by us.

What To Expect When you Sell Your eCommerce Business Through an Experienced E-commerce Business brokers Orange County

As ecommerce business brokers in Orange County, we will walk you through the full process of selling your company, including marketing the business, buyer screening, negotiations, preparing & presenting the offer, due diligence, financing, escrow, closing, and transition preparation.  Contact us for a Free Market Value Analysis of your technology company.

  • Free Comprehensive Market Value Analysis of your business before you sign a representation agreement
  • A smooth transaction process with our guidance step-by-step
  • A comprehensive Offering Memorandum (prospectus, aka business profile) for your business providing Buyers with the details they need to make an intelligent decision about buying your business
  • Featured Ads for your business and email blasts to the BizBuySell Buyer database + our email list of over 3,500 registered buyers
  • SBA financing for the sale of your business. Typically over 90% of our transactions use SBA financing which means more cash at closing for the Seller and better financing terms for the Buyer. We work exclusively with SBA PLP (Preferred Lending Program Lenders)
  • Our CPA, Financial Advisor, and Attorney affiliates/partners are available to assist you with tax planning, financial planning, Due Diligence support, and legal services if you require these services


Confidentiality of the prospective sale is a paramount concern of business owners and to Pacific Business Sales as ecommerce business brokers. We create general ads with no detailed information about the company regarding the company on sale or its location. Your Orange County e-commerce business brokers does not disclose confidential information to buyers unless they sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and complete our Buyer Profile. The buyer profile includes their credit score, experience, and financial position in the Buyer Profile.

Email Marketing Blasts

Our marketing is proactive in that we send New ecommerce Business for Sale email marketing blasts to our internal buyer database as well as the BizBuySell.com buyer database. Our buyer database is over 3,500 registered prospective buyers that have signed up to receive our New Business for Sale update. We also send new ecommerce business for sale emails to the BizBuySell.com buyer database to buyers that have expressed interest in your industry and area. udes thousands of buyers that have indicated interest in e-commerce companies such as yours.

Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) – The Company’s Catalogue

The CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum) is the prospectus or marketing brochure for your company.  Pacific Business Sales – business brokers creates a comprehensive CIM for each business we represent and take to market.  The CIM is critical because after a buyer inquires and signs the NDA, this is their first look at the business, this is the buyer’s sales brochure.  We believe it is critical to provide buyers with a comprehensive CIM about the company so they can make an intelligent decision about if this company is right for them.  The CIM must convey the company’s strengths, opportunities, history, infrastructure, and financials.

Our CIM for ecommerce companies includes:

  • Company History
  • Equipment list
  • Products/services outline
  • SBA financier pre-approval letter
  • SBA financing structure
  • Staff roster (with names obscured)
  • Recast company information and financial statements

Due Diligence

The CABB (California Association of Business Brokers) Purchase Agreement contains stipulations for the seller and buyer due diligence, a contingency for both parties.  During Due Diligence buyer examines the entire company to ensure it is running well and stable.  We facilitate due diligence by helping both parties through the entire process and keeping it on track.

This is a crucial stage in selling Orange County e-commerce companies.  During the due diligence process, the buyer and their CPA will assess the company’s tax filings, bank statements, and profit and loss statements, among other records, to verify the earnings and revenue.

Due diligence for the the seller is an evaluation of the buyer’s resume, bank pre-approval, credit score, and financial ability. Our able team is led by Bill Grunau, with over 20 years of experience selling e-commerce businesses.  

After finalizing due diligence and eliminating due diligence contingency, Escrow is opened. 

Business Buyer Vetting Credentials

An essential aspect of selling ecomerce businesses is establishing is capable of closing the deal and can run the company. Orange County e-commerce companies are in high demand and are popular with buyers. Due to this, we get many inquiries for e-commerce companies. Pacific Business Sales, e-commerce business brokers in Orange County, specializing in selling e-commerce businesses, such as yours, in Orange County and California has experience in selling ecomerce companies and screening buyers to filter out tire kickers and unqualified buyers from serious and well qualified buyers.

We carefully review potential purchasers for financial position and the capability of the buyer to operate the business. Buyers possessing inadequate industry knowledge and experience or a weak financial position do not go far in the process.

We search for buyers with suitable capability, with high chances of closing, and those operating e-commerce companies with successful results. All this is meant to preserve your legacy and provide your employees with job security.

eCommerce Business Marketing

It’s easy to have your advertisement visible to thousands of consumers, but the ad is valueless if the targeted customers don’t click on it. Our eocmmerce business brokers develop informative ad copy and attractive headlines for e-commerce companies that lure prospective buyers into clicking on the ad to obtain more information regarding your business.

Also, we feature all ads so they appear among the top search results in businesses-for-sale websites instead of remaining buried in general ads. As an e-commerce website business broker, we invest in business advertisements to obtain the best outcomes.

Buyer-Seller Engagements

The first meeting with prospective buyers is with ecommerce business brokers from Pacific Business Sales. It is a pre-screening to determine their capability to operate your business and their seriousness and interest in your company. After the initial meeting, Pacific Business Sales, your Orange County e-commerce business brokers, sets up a meeting with you, the buyer, and us where the prospective buyer and learn more about the business and you, and you will have the opportunity to learn more about the prospective buyer..

Most of the fundamental questions are tackled during our initial first meeting. Nonetheless, buyers often ask questions again as they prefer hearing the answers from the seller directly. Many buyer-seller meetings are conducted via Zoom, with the subsequent meeting in person for buyers who want to proceed with the transaction. Obviously, after the meetings, the next thing is to make an offer.

Prepare an Offer

Pacific Business Sales purchase agreements utilize the CABB Stock Purchase Agreements or Asset Purchase Agreements. Pacific Business Sales, the best e-commerce business brokers are experienced in both Stock Sales and Asset Sales. An Asset Sale means a form of transaction, not an asset liquidation.

We collaborate with the buyer to create the offer and then deliver it for signature through PandaSign. After the buyer signs the offer, we present it to you, the seller, explain its contents, and create a counteroffer if required. Once the offer is signed by buyer and seller Due Diligence commences.

SBA Financing

We use SBA financing in over 90 per cent of our transactions. This includes SBA financing for all types of e-commerce businesses. Pacific Business Sales, the best Orange County e-commerce business brokers, only work with SBA Preferred Lender Program (PLP) banks, which have funded many SBA financed transactions for Orange County e-commerce businesses with our firm. We understand orange county e-commerce SBA lender underwriting requirements and rules and have a long working relationship and connection with these banks.

Why is this essential to you as the seller? To put it simply, CASH at the end! You do not need to finance the sale through a Seller Note when using SBA financing. Your e-commerce business brokers Orange County has acquired SBA financing for 90 per cent of the buying price and a 10 per cent buyer down payment. Also, SBA financing will cater for the buyer’s procurement of your accounts receivable (A/R). This means that you will be eventually compensated in cash. Banks regularly need a minor Seller Note of 10 per cent of the deal on top of the SBA loan, and in such circumstances, you will get 90 per cent cash at closing.

Ecommerce Businesses We’ve Sold

Let us prove why we are the best Business Brokers in Orange County to sell your eCommerce business.  We have sold hundreds of businesses throughout California, inlcuding Orange County. 

FAQs For Selling Your eCommerce Business In Orange County


What is DE and EBITDA?

Discretionary Earnings or DE and EBITDA are common earnings terms used frequently in business sales, but what exactly do these figures mean and how are they calculated?  

7 Steps in Preparing to Sell Your Business

Taking steps in advance to prepare to your business for sale can increase the value of the company as well as reduce the time it takes to successfully sell your business.

How to Get Through Due Diligence

If you are working with a professional Business Broker in Orange County they will guide you through the process and advise you on how to prepare. 

Financing the Sale of Your Business

Generally, there are two forms of financing for the sale of a business in Orange County and other areas, 1) an SBA loan or 2) a Seller Note. The combination of both is used quite frequently. 

Developing an Exit Strategy

Developing an Exit Strategy is the best proactive action you can take as a business owner to build your business and increase the value for the eventual sale of your business.