Pacific Business Sales Makes Selling Your Healthcare Business Easy

As a top-rated healthcare business broker, Pacific Business Sales specializes in effective sales of numerous healthcare companies, including Dental labs, Licensed Home Nursing, Licensed Home Care, Medical Services Billing Companies, and more. To ensure comprehensive services, our medical practice business brokers team also sells a wide range of Therapeutic Practices, including Acupuncture clinics and other businesses that sell, distribute, and manufacture medical devices.

Your Healthcare Businesses Broker for businesses such as:

  • Licensed Home Care
  • Licensed Home Nursing & Medical Care
  • Medical Services & Medical Billing
  • Therapeutic Practices & Physical Therapy
  • Acupuncture Practices
  • Dental Labs
  • Medical Device Manufacturing & Distribution

Our healthcare business broker Orange County team at Pacific Business Sales has in-depth knowledge of selling a wide range of companies in the healthcare industry. As your medical practice business brokers, we understand how to value these companies, their licensing requirements, and other important factors to facilitate a sale. Plus, our medical business brokers are extensively knowledgeable in obtaining SBA financing for buyers to secure the purchase of a healthcare company in Orange County and across California.

The guidelines that apply to licensing requirements of healthcare companies in California and various counties are often complex and strict. As such, our home health business brokers team is experienced in dealing with healthcare licensing requirements to facilitate the sale of your company. As your healthcare business broker in Orange County, we assist with licensing requirements for medical testing laboratories, medical home healthcare, medicare, and more.

Although we have extensive experience in facilitating both Stock Sales and Asset Sales, the majority of our sale transactions are completed through Stock Sales instead of Asset Sales. This is because Stock Sales allow companies to preserve their corporate licenses, which can be challenging to obtain with Asset Sales. They also keep the existing contracts, but best of all, a Stock Sale saves the seller a tremendous amount in taxes at the capital gains rate.

Most sellers’ primary concern is preserving and furthering their company culture as well as their employees’ job security. As your home health business brokers, we work closely with you to ensure you select the best buyer who maintains your legacy and pursues company objectives. Having been home health care business brokers for over 20 years, we have offered unparalleled business brokerage services in Orange County, LA County, the Inland Empire, and many other regions in California. We are proud to be the leading healthcare business broker in Orange County and other areas throughout California.

As esteemed home medical business brokers, we employ highly strategized methods to maximize valuation and secure more cash at closing. We also work collaboratively with CPA tax strategists and Financial Advisors to defer sale taxes, allowing you maximum profit.

Our team of expert medical practice business brokers work in collaboration with tax strategy CPAs to minimize tax liabilities and secure more cash at closing. Having secured SBA financing for numerous clients, our home health business brokers team can help ensure the most beneficial terms. Our expertise as home health care business brokers help us successfully and quickly sell your company regardless of which niche it belongs to.

What Can Sellers Expect When Working With PBS As Their Broker To Sell a Medical Practice?

Sellers can be assured their business broker to sell a medical practice adheres to the highest industry standards. As experienced medical practice business brokers, we guide and assist in selling your business from due diligence to financing and advertising, closing, and transitioning. 

As esteemed home health care business brokers, we facilitate all facets of the sale to ensure a seamless transaction. To sell your company quickly and for the most value, contact Pacific Business Sales, your trusted healthcare business broker in Orange County.

Total Confidentiality

Publishing an ad in front of thousands of users is one thing, but it doesn’t offer value if it isn’t gaining traction from the right audience. To attract the right potential buyers, we create compelling headlines and persuasive ad copies, encouraging high-value buyers to inquire and click on the ad.

To ensure maximum confidentiality, all our ads only contain general information and do not disclose identifying information until buyers sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Best Email Blasts for Healthcare Industry

We send out email blasts to BizBuySell, which include buyers who have already displayed interest in healthcare companies such as yours. Additionally, our email blasts are also sent out to our database with over 3,500 potential buyers.

Prospectus for Your Company – CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum)

Our home health business brokers team creates a customized Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), which will serve as your marketing leaflet and prospectus. Buyers refer to this document to help them make their decision; it is only provided after signing the NDA. This is another reason why using a broker to sell a medical practice is the most beneficial.


The CIM includes:

  • Full inventory of Equipment
  • Summary of your products and services
  • Company background and history
  • Financial statements
  • All-staff roster including names
  • Structure for SBA financing
  • SBA loan pre-approval document

Due Diligence

As your healthcare business broker in Orange County, Pacific Business Sales know how important it is to conduct thorough due diligence for every transaction. We present the buyer with all pertinent information, including bank statements, profit/loss statements, tax records, and other information. The buyer and their CPA review the information to make an informed purchase.

The buyer also reviews the company’s operation, stability, and client base in its entirety. Our healthcare business broker Orange County team knows the strategies that will maximize the value of your business. As your home health care brokers, we position your company strategically in the market for buyers to present the best offers.

Led by Bill Grunau, our team of medical business brokers boasts over two decades of experience selling healthcare businesses. Since more than 90% of our transactions use SBA financing, we, your home health care brokers, can provide you with more cash at closing

FREE Market Value Analysis

Included with our service is a comprehensive Market Value Analysis geared towards maximizing your company’s value. We utilize software used by SBA Valuation Analysts to ensure accuracy and maximum value. As such, you can rest assured SBA Valuation Analysts will approve the financing at our recommended value.

Effective Marketing of Your Healthcare Company

As your home health care business brokers, we utilize informative ad copy and catchy headlines to ensure more buyers click on the ad. The ad may appear in front of thousands of buyers, but only the ones that click on the ad are of value.

To attract quality buyers, our ads appear in the best spots of business-for-sale websites that are specific to your industry. By employing proven marketing strategies and utilizing our wide network of buyers, we provide our clients with the best results.

Meetings for Buyers and Sellers

Sellers will only meet with buyers after we have conducted a comprehensive pre-screening process. During the pre-screening meeting, our healthcare business broker Orange County team meets with the buyer to gauge their financial capability to close on the sale. We only progress the potential buyer to the following process once we can ensure they can run your business as you envision.

After the general issues are discussed during the pre-screening process, we, as your home health care business brokers, set up a meeting to engage in buyer-seller interactions. The initial meetings are held on Zoom, and once the buyer wants to make an offer, our healthcare business broker Orange County team schedules an in-person meeting with you and the buyer.

Offer Preparation

Our Purchase Agreement utilizes the guidelines set forth by Stock Purchase Agreements or CABB (California Association of Business Brokers) Asset Purchase Agreements. We have experience in Stock Sales and Asset Sales (please take note that Asset Sales are transactional, not asset liquidation – read more on our Stock versus Asset Sale page).


Based on experience, we have seen that Stock Sales are beneficial and, in some cases, necessary when government contracts are involved. Additionally, the buyer can buy the corporation under a Stock Sale, keeping the corporate EIN and contracts.


Our home health care brokers team works closely with each buyer to create an offer, which we send for electronic signature via PandaSign. Once the buyers sign the offer, we review it with you and create a counteroffer if required. Using our broker to sell a medical practice is an effective route to ensuring the most beneficial terms and more cash at closing.

SBA Loans

As immensely experienced home health care brokers, SBA financing is used in more than 90% of the sales we close. We can use this financing strategy with all types of healthcare companies regardless of their size or niche.

Our home health care brokers, work exclusively with banks offering SBA PLP (Preferred Lender Program). Our home health business brokers team is familiar with their underwriting guidelines and has a long-standing connection to ensure a timely closing.

SBA financing allows the seller to get more cash at closing and avoid issuing a Seller Note. With 10% down, the buyer use SBA financing for the remaining 90% of the purchase price.

Buyer Screening Requirements for a Healthcare Business

Our medical practice business brokers team only introduces you to serious and qualified buyers. We conduct a thorough screening process to determine the buyer’s capability to run your business.

As medical business brokers in Orange County, Pacific Business Sales specializes in companies like yours. Our home health care brokers understand how important it is to sell your business to a buyer who has the best interest of your employees and your legacy.

See the Healthcare Businesses Our Home Health Care Brokers Has Sold

We’re proud to have sold numerous companies in Orange County and across California. Connect with us for a consultation and discover why we are the leading medical business brokers in Orange County, Silicon Valley, LA County, the Inland Empire, and across California.

FAQ: Medical Business Brokers


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Preparing To Sell Your Business In 7 Steps

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Going Through Due Diligence 

If you are working with a professional Business Broker in Orange County they will guide you through the process and advise you on how to prepare. 

Financing Your Business Sale 

SBA loan or a Seller Note are two of the most preferred loan methods in selling a business. However, utilizing a combination of both is usually used in most transactions.

Creating An Exit Strategy

As a business owner, developing an exit strategy is the most proactive action you can take to maximize valuation and ensure high value at closing.