UCLA 2021 Economic Forecast, Get Ready for the Roaring 20’s!


Bill Grunau

UCLA economists are predicting an economic rebound in 2021 after a few weak months in early 2021.  Basically it will be a continued gloomy COVID winter, with a spring rebound starting off the recovery.  This is good news after a turbulent 2020 for the US economy and it’s great news for the California economy as UCLA is projecting California to grow faster than the rest of the US.  

The forecast expects California’s tech industry, healthcare, and construction to be the fastest growing in 2021 with retail, food, and hospitality businesses suffering a prolonged hangover from the 2020 shutdowns.  Pacific Business Sales is a top rated construction business broker in Orange County.

The forecast predicts construction of single family homes to rebound quickly to 123,000 new units, a 16% increase, due to a lack of supply, pent up demand and low mortgage rates.  Contact Pacific Business Sales today for more information on selling your Orange County construction business.

While the outlook for new home construction is bright, the UCLA 2021 forecast is warning of possible slow downs in commercial construction due to reduced demand in the short term.  The forecast also warns of possible state/local government construction projects slowing due to budget constraints, however, this could be offset by Federal infrastructure projects and stimulus to prop up the economy by the Biden Administration.  

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Bill Grunau

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Bill Grunau

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