Do you want to sell your Construction Company for Maximum Value?

Pacific Business Sales in Orange County specializes in the sale of construction companies and contractors.  We have years of experience selling construction and contractor businesses ranging from General Contractors to service plumbing, HVAC, sign manufacturing & installation, electrical contractors, as well as new construction plumbing, electrical, and other construction contractors in Orange County and other areas.


At Pacific Business Sales we thoroughly understand the process of selling a construction company, how to properly value a construction company, licensing, and the RMO process.  We have a contractor license consultant that will assist buyers in obtaining their contractor’s license.  We know how to obtain SBA financing for the sale-purchase of construction companies and contractors, and have a large and diverse pool of buyers in and out of Orange County that are interested in construction companies like yours.

Many of our contractor transactions are done as Stock Sales as opposed to the Asset Sale which is more common.  The Stock Sale preserves the corporate contractor license number and most contracts, but more importantly, saves the seller a great deal in taxes because it is generally taxed at the capital gains tax rate (lowest tax rate).  

Selling an Orange County Contractor or Construction business is very different from selling an ordinary small business.  To successfully sell your contractor business for maximum value and with minimum taxes, you need a Business Broker experienced in these transactions.  

Contact Us to discuss the prospective sale of your Orange County construction-contractor business and get your Free Market Value Analysis.  Our reputation in Orange County speaks for itself.

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